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Zettler ® 800 ® Medicall

To enable staff to devote more time caring born Zettler Medicall 800, a modern and suitable for any application, based on LON ® bus technology.  The system offers several calling features, the possibility of direct communication, different variations of response and interfaces to other electronic systems.  Thanks to these essential characteristics, Zettler Medicall ® 800 ® helps create an effective organization of care and safety for patients and staff service.

Zettler ® Medicall ® 800 was developed for hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation care, retirement homes and nursing homes, organization of care in residential care, domiciliary care organization.  The system adapts to the specific needs of a structure: it works both as a simple reporting system without phonics as a system that combined signaling and communication, with the ability to talk hands-free from the room or bed. We guarantee the respect of norms and standards with maximum flexibility in terms of size and functionality of the facilities.

The call of service: extra comfort

The service call is transmitted to certain defined places in the building.  If you want to be bringing her baby with Zettler ® 800 ® Medicall a patient can contact the staff of the department.  Call baby appears on the display wall Medicall ® 800 or the display of a telephone so that the nurse is informed and can react  immediately.

Focused information in an emergency

If you operate the alarm or call staff cardiac resuscitation, the message is transmitted in a targeted way to a medical team, thus ensuring immediate assistance.  With the same precision you can set up other calls and other messages such as selective call bedroom, diagnosis calls, fire alarms, technical failures and call special.

Emergency number

If a nurse can not leave their work area, but needs extra help, via a button automatically activates an emergency.

Smart Wiring

A line called the communication system recognizes and transmits up to four different call types. In the standard version you can connect up to six lines called for room: up to four lines for the beds,  one for the room and one for the local sanitation.