Flame Detection

The FLAMEVision detector is the only infra-red flame detector in the market that provides situational awareness of a fire. It utilises infra red array based flame detection combined with integral CCTV to automatically and reliably identify flame incidents and pin point the location on a video image. 

By using an array as the sensing component, the FLAMEVision detectors are able to locate the angular position of the fire within the field of view. The detectors use this information to provide superimposed location information on a composite video output from an internal CCTV camera and to signal the coordinates of this location on its data output. This information allows the operator to quickly verify the alarm and implement the necessary actions. It also provides a valuable tool for false alarm control and event audit processes.

The FLAMEVision offers a major improvement in both flame detection capability and immunity to false alarm sources over triple IR detectors.  It also has self-test capability that automatically checks the detector to ensure optimal effectiveness and performance.  This significantly reduces maintenance requirements helping customers increase their productivity and reduce operations cost.


  • Built-in CCTV option to assist with rapid response
  • Fast, reliable flame detection using infra red detection
  • Simplifies alarm handling for remote control room situations
  • Provides immediate visual ID of alarm location with CCTV option
  • Robust stainless steel housing with heated window
  • Automatic monitoring of detector functionality
  • 256 infrared sensor array monitoring the field of view to separately identify flame and non flame sources
  • Masking of part of field of view set in software configuration tool
  • Remote video monitoring with fire location and detector information
  • Automatic optical integrity monitoring
  • FM approved, ATEX and IECEx approved by BASEEFA