Carbon Dioxide CO2 High Pressure

High Pressure carbon Dioxide systems utilise steel cylinders that store carbon dioxide under normal vapour pressure at 50 bar (700psi).  The systems are designed in accordance with current IMO SOLAS and Lloyds Register of Shipping Approvals.  The number of cylinders required to protect a potential fire risk is determined by the volume of the protected area and the necessary C02 concentration level required to extinguish the fire.

High Pressure Carbon Dioxide cylinders are located inside a “Tamper Proof” locker or enclosure in an approved position local / adjacent to the protected space. An isolating valve located within the cabinet, would be provided to route C02 from the supply source to the protected space. The valve would be capable of manual operation only. 

C02 discharge would be from nozzles of the "Total Flooding" type, with a single orifice accurately drilled to give a controlled discharge in accordance with the system design parameters. The nozzles would be designed and located to provide a uniform, C02 concentration within the protected space.

Our C02 design criteria is on the basis that the volumes to be protected are reasonably tight enclosures, with no apertures, which may be left open at the time of C02 discharge.

In the C02 Bottle Store, in normal circumstances, there is sufficient natural venting (e.g. around doors and other openings) to avoid over-pressurising the space on C02 discharge. However, if particular circumstances are such that natural venting may be abnormally restricted, we recommend that consideration be given to the provision of suitable additional venting.

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