Carbon Dioxide CO2 Low Pressure

The Tyco Marine Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System consists of a refrigerated pressurised storage vessel containing liquid carbon dioxide.  The vessel contains valves to control the discharge of carbon dioxide into the protected spaces and manual control stations that initiate the discharge of carbon dioxide into the protected spaces. Pneumatic timers control the amount of time carbon dioxide discharges into the protected spaces whilst nozzles direct the agent discharge, and alarms and pressure switches warn personnel and shut down or turn on various equipment.

The pressure vessel is covered with four inches of insulation. The insulation is covered with a stainless steel outer jacket. The pressure vessel and refrigeration units are mounted on a wide flange skid unit. Inside the pressure vessel, steel baffles prevent sloshing of the liquid CO2 as the ship rolls and pitches. In the upper part of the pressure vessel, refrigerant evaporator coils serve to cool the stored liquid CO2 by maintaining a temperature of 0 °F (–17 °C) which results in 300 psi (2069 kPa) vapour pressure.

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