Carbon Dioxide CO2

Carbon Dioxide is the original "clean" agent that is traditionally used for marine applications to suppresses fires in unmanned areas. Tyco Marine Services offer can provide High Pressure cylinder systems in both Skid mounted and rack mounted formats and Low Pressure systems for the protection of engine rooms, pump rooms, machinery spaces and cargo holds.

Carbon dioxide is an effective fire extinguishing agent that can be used on many types of fires. It is effective for surface fires, such as flammable liquids and most solid combustible materials. It expands at a ratio of 450 to 1 by volume. For fire suppression purposes, the discharge is designed to raise the carbon dioxide concentration in the hazard. This displaces the air containing oxygen, which supports combustion, and results in fire extinguishment.

Other attributes are its high degree of effectiveness, its excellent thermal stability, and its freedom from deterioration. It is electrically non-conductive, and leaves no residue to clean up after discharge.

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