Anti Piracy


Ship hijackings, robberies, and ransom demands by pirates account for untold damages each year.  Piracy plagues the maritime industry around the globe, and is particularly acute in the Gulf of Aden and the waters surrounding Nigeria, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Somalia.  In order to help insure the safety of the ship, its crew and cargo, ship-owners need a cost-effective fleet standard solution that does not require specialist personnel, or guards, and is low on maintenance.

Protect your crew, your ship and valuable cargo from pirates with Tyco’s Anti-Pirate Water Cannon System

The Tyco Anti-Pirate Water Cannon System is a powerful and non-lethal weapon designed to protect ships against pirates.  Made entirely of marine-grade stainless steel, the cannons are capable of flooding the threatening ship with water in seconds.  They also deliver a powerful and impenetrable stream of water that blows away any person trying to gain access to the ship and which can quickly flood a pirate’s skiff to slow them down and hinder their maneuverability.

The Anti-Pirate Water Cannon System can also be integrated with infra-red and CCTV cameras, early detection radar systems, LRAD and other defense systems for complete and comprehensive protection of your vessel.


  • Fully programmable system with automatic, pre-defined patterns
  • Networked (CANBUS communication)
  • All cannons can be controlled from remote locations (bridge, citadel, engine room, etc.)
  • Progressive, accurate joystick control
  • Position feedback
  • Light weight
  • Ability to control valves, electric doors, pumps, foam systems, search lights, etc.
  • Highly improved fire protection and fire fighting ability