Wet System Control Valve

  Wet valve sprinkler systems are permanently charge with water and are designed to actuate operate electric, and/or hydraulic alarms when there is a steady flow of water into the system that is equivalent to the discharge rate of one or more sprinklers.

When the fire system is initially being pressurised, water will flow into the system until the water supply and system pressure become equalised, and the torsion spring closes the clapper in the Alarm Check Valve and forms a seal.  This seal prevents any water flow through the alarm port to the alarm devices.

In the event of a fire, the steady flow of water equivalent to the discharge rate of one or more sprinklers will cause a pressure imbalance on the Alarm Check Valve seal. This causes the clapper to open, to allow a continued flow of water through the sprinkler system until the fire has been extinguished and the Wet system control valve has been closed and reset in readiness for further emergencies.

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