High Expansion Foam

The Marine high-expansion foam systems supplied by Tyco Marine Services automatically seek out and suppress fire at the source using much less water than a stand-alone water sprinkler system. With expansion ratio’s are typically greater than 500:1, high-expansion foam is suitable for numerous applications including three-dimensional hazards, confined spaces and vapour suppression.

The system is designed to fill the protected space at a rate of at least 1metre in depth per minute, with sufficient foam to produce a volume five times that of the largest space protected.

The generators comprise a steel enclosure with a pipe and nozzle array in the inlet and a perforated screen in the outlet. The generators are arranged so that they draw fresh air into their inlet, which may be ducted. They must also be located in elevated positions so that they are not affected by fire. To overcome this potential problem the foam discharge may have to be ducted to the required locations.

These systems use a water powered generator fan. When the foam water solution is discharged through the unit, the powerful air stream created by the generator fan immediately expands the foam, which rapidly engulfs the protected area.  The expanded foam quickly creates a blanket across the burning fuel depriving the fire of oxygen that in turn extinguishes the fire.

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