Hot Foam Systems

Hot Foam systems supplied by Tyco Marine Services are especially convenient for use on tankers where a deck foam system is also a requirement as it reduces overall cost of both systems while simplifying maintenance and operator training.

The Tyco Hot Foam system uses air from inside the machinery space to generate high expansion foam for smothering the fire and in addition offers the temperature reduction effects of water fog. The foam extinguishes the fire as it fills all void spaces, effectively starving the fire of oxygen while cooling down the surrounding areas.

The Hot Foam system is no different from an ordinary deck foam system with the foam monitors replaced by hot foam generators that induct hot air from inside the machinery space to create Hot Foam with an expansion ratio of 1 - 666.

The system can be operated automatically or manually from the bridge, or if required, remotely from control stations around the vessel. In its simplest form the system can be operated by opening the valves and starting the fire pump; followed by the foam pump after a short delay.

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