Water Spray

Tyco Marine Services supply Marine manually operated waterspray systems for the protection of ships carrying liquid fuels and liquefied gases in bulk. We also supply Pre-Wet Spray systems for Nuclear Biological, Chemical Defence (NBCD) onboard Naval Armed Forces ships.

Our waterspray systems for the protection of bulk carriers are designed in accordance with the requirements of the I.M.O. Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk, I.M.O. Solas 74 including Amendments, the Marine Safety Agency and Germanischer Lloyds. Individual products that make up a typical waterspray system are approved by the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency.

Manually operated waterspray systems consist of an array of open sprayers arranged to provide a uniform coverage of waterspray in the protected area. Each system is required to cover all the protected areas with a uniformly distributed waterspray of at least 10l/ m2/min for horizontal projected surfaces and 4l/m2/min for vertical surfaces.

Waterspray systems can be used to protect areas such as accommodation front bulkheads, forward domes, aft domes, (Port and Starboard) manifold drip trays (Port and Starboard) and general equipment and machinery spaces.

Section Control Stop Valves are fitted at intervals in the Spray Main to isolate sections for routine service and maintenance or for system re-instatement after a major fire event.

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