Medium Velocity Waterspray Systems

A typical waterspray system comprises of a series of discharge nozzles fitted in groups or zones of protection within the distribution pipework.  The type of nozzle, the flow rate, and discharge angle is determined by the type of risk involved.

The distribution pipework is linked to a manually operated Deluge system control valve. In the event of a fire, a fire alarm will be raised at the main control point when two or more smoke, heat or optical detectors are activated by the fire. The Deluge system control valve is then manually operated so that the open waterspray nozzles operate simultaneously to control and suppress the fire.

Medium Velocity Waterspray nozzles are ideal for fighting fires involving inflammable and flammable liquids and gases.  The fire fighting performance of the MV open type sprayer is considerably enhanced by the addition of a foam/water solution into the system. They have a wide range of flow capabilities and various discharge angles.

NTL-C sprayers are a constant flow long throw sprayer for use in foam/water spray systems. The sprayer can be set at varying discharge patterns from straight stream to wide fog.

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